Angela Nesbit enjoys working on commissions as a fun break in the business of producing paintings for shows and galleries. “I enjoy getting to know the family and working together to produce a painting they will love,” she says.   

Angela accepts up to two commissions per month and each takes 2-4 months to complete. The majority of her commissions are of families and children, though she frequently works with interior designers on still lifes and landscape projects. The process includes several consultations with the client to understand their needs, determine appropriate size and colors, and select photos, finish and framing. See below for additional information about the commission process.


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“If you are looking for an artist that can capture moments in life on canvas in a vivid and realistic way, Angela Nesbit shows time after time through her paintings lifes simple treasures...the journey!”

-- Elizabeth and Chris Bowman, Charlotte, NC



  1. Initial phone conversation to determine if I can meet the clients needs.  Send client basic information including pricing.  Schedule initial meeting.

  2. Meet in my studio to talk about the project. Get a feel for what the client is looking for; often review paintings I have done to get an idea of what the client wants. Talk about size and colors. Determine if photo shoot is needed.  

  3. Conduct photo shoot if needed.

  4. After photo shoot, email the best options to client for review.  

  5. Meet at client’s house for final details of project. Go over photo to be used for the painting. Finalize colors, size and framing.

  6. Complete sketch and send to client for approval. 1/3 deposit due upon approval of sketch.

  7. Client is sent photo of painting near the 75% complete stage. Client is also welcome to review the painting in studio. At this point revisions can be made.

  8. Once the painting is complete, client can make minor changes prior to varnishing and framing.

  9. Varnish, Frame and Deliver.

Price Range

From $3200


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