Provincetown 2013

I have been contemplating the long journey up to Provincetown, MA to paint with Cynthia Packard for several years now. 

I am very hard to impress or to even get my attention but  I have been infatuated and intrigue by the famous Packard family for many years.  I have watched Cynthia's incredible and sometimes a little crazy YouTube casts and interviews.  I have read many articles and blogs about Cynthia and her ubber famous Mom,  Ann Packard

The time never seemed right and a little bit of hesitation has loomed over me. Something pushed me over the edge this past summer to mail my check and booked my flight and reserved a room for her September workshop. 

From the moment I landed I knew this was a place I would have to return.  Intoxicating views,  forever inspiring imagery,  gorgeous weather and fabulously colorful and creative people.  As one friend mentioned, you came from Wonder Bread and landed in the most open and free spot on earth. 

I immediately made a new friend who gave me a ride from the airport, showed me where Cynthia's Studio was located and invited me to a big party.  What a town. 

Cynthia was unbelievable-  Full of fire, passion and energy.  Almost exhausting to watch her at times.  She is a true artist.  Very pure-  no copy cat here-  she is the real deal.  She reminded me to have a conversation with the canvas and to let go.  Please google her and take a look for yourself.  

I will make this an annual pilgrimage to make sure I remember what is means to be an artist, stay true to myself,  that I continue to grow and challenge myself. 

One of the Two Packard Galleries in town.   They bought an old Scientology Church and converted to a gallery

Cynthia's Palette - pretty cool!

Dingy boats were everywhere!