The South and Nudes

So I return from Provincetown very excited to continue to explore the abstracted nude. 

I finished up a couple that I started during the workshop and sent the images to a couple of galleries and they were politely declined.  The common comment being that they LOVED them but felt they did not have the market for them. 

So in other words we cannot sell your nudes. 

2014-02 Nude1.jpg

I have been in this business long enough to know that what one market cannot sell there is another market that can. So my forever faithful Atlanta gallery, Huff Harrington,  applauded my new nudes and sold them both to a "famous" local designer within the week.  

I just had to go further south. 

They are eager for more and I am thrilled to have a new venue to explore light, texture and abstraction.  I somehow feel like the real deal when I am working from life and having a true conversation with my canvas. 

Stay Tuned on more Nudes.